about us

GETMOR Meat Processing Plant is a family company founded by Tadeusz and Grażyna Mroczkowski in 1991. We are known for the excellent taste of our products and for our love of tradition. We are located in a picturesque part of Mazovia, and our once small company employing only a few people has become one of the largest businesses of its type in the region.

The recipes for our products were worked out by specialist tasters and have remained unchanged up to today, which is why Getmor can offer products of the highest quality, known as “Delicacies of Chrzanowo”.

We work with customers all over the European Union, and we possess all necessary permissions to export our products to countries outside the EU.

Our company was created far from the big city, in a picturesque area of unspoiled natural beauty. That’s why protection of the environment is one of the top priorities of our company. One important investment in this area was the creation of a modern waste treatment facility on the premises which has allowed us to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

We also cooperate with companies specializing in the management and use of waste from the production process.


The primary goal of our company is to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our customers in terms of health safety and the high quality of our products. The implementation of a HAACP system at the plant and regular inspection by the veterinary authorities have allowed to achieve this in full.

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